Artwork made by Inga Strasser

'Flood of Ages'


Released on July 1st 2018, the first full-length

album 'Flood of Ages' features 11 individually diverse

Death Metal tracks and follows a socially critical

fictional concept.


The album aims to combine different styles

of Metal to create a unique and sophisticated

experience for the listener.

The Band

Founded as a solo-project in 2012 by Alwin Strasser, AeonNihilation was his vision to record Death Metal and Experimental music, mostly intended as an étude.

The same year Phil Steiner joined the project on vocals.
In late 2013 they started to collect ideas for a future full-length release ('Flood of Ages'). During this process (late 2014) Zbigniew Nowitzki joined the band on the keys and current songs were restructured to fit the new instrument.

2015 the band released their first EP ('Project 12 hours: Nyanihilation'). It was intended as a challenge to write, produce and fully release an EP in just 12 hours. It is characterized by its experimental Grindcore premise yet melodic and groovey execution.

After the prolonged recording and production process of the LP 'Flood of Ages' it was finally fully released on July 1st, 2018. 

Death Metal from Austria (Salzburg, Graz)