Flood of Ages (LP 2018)


A fateful encounter completely shatters Animus' perception of reality. From one moment to another his beloved TV program enrages him. Questions torture his mind and apocalyptic visions haunt his nights.


In addition, the words of an obscure creature echo in his head imposing a presentiment of doom upon him. Haunted by the remnants of his dreams, Animus decides that he has to set out on a journey to discover the true nature of humanity.


However the gears of destiny are already in motion...




Nyanihilation - Project: 12Hours (EP 2015)


The world cowers in fear as cats pull off what was said to be impossible: They have grown thumbs and with these they decide to unleash their wrath upon humanity.


After years of observing mankind's brutality, they decided to bring upon man what man has brought upon the world. Through warfare they enslaved the humans and encorporated them into their consumerist society to establish a prosperous civilization.




Death Metal from Austria (Salzburg, Graz)