Deathstep/Experimental Electronic project by our buddy Stefan Seggl. Click here!

Ephemeral Sky


Post Rock/Black Metal sideproject by our pianist Zbigniew Nowitzki. Click here!

Dunkler Führer


Some of the best Austrian Hiphop by our buddy from Salzburg. Check out his Album!

Jamal Jabiby


Another phenomenal Hiphop project from Salzburg by our buddy Karim. Click here!

Ben Mutual Reaction


Movie Score/Media Composer from Austria. Check out his work on Soundcloud!

Brutal Full Albums

Awesome Youtube channel with a lot of kick ass underground death metal. Click!!

Alwin Strasser - Contact via Facebook

Phil Steiner            - Youtube Channel

Zbigniew Nowitzki - Youtube Channel

Death Metal from Austria (Salzburg, Graz)