Alwin Strasser


Began making music in 2003 (classical guitar). His first band project was a grindcore school band (2007-2009) at BORG Radstadt. During this time, he also started playing drums and bass guitar. In the sme years he founded the Goregrind solo-project Cuntwrestler. These were his first steps into musical recording and he began to invest into a personal home recording studio. Afterwards, he started writing more serious music as AeonNihilation (2011). Much of his inspiration originates in his classical-guitar background which gives the project its distinct sound.  More people joined in and AeonNihilation was proclaimed a band in 2014.

Phil Steiner


Started making music in 2009 (Bass, Vocals). He met Alwin in 2011 and they began to work on first demo tracks together. In 2012 he officially joined AeonNihilation on vocals and to this day he writes most of the songs‘ lyrics. In late 2014 he also became the vocalist of Backseat Hyenas, a Stoner Rock band from Salzburg. Since 2016 he’s also AeonNihilation‘s bassist. Outside of the band, he studies English and Philosophy/Psychology.

Zbigniew Nowitzki


Is making music since 2008 (piano). In 2012 he began to write his own music in form of a solo-project called Ephemeral Sky; a blend of Post-Rock, Folk and Black Metal. Two years later he met Phil who studied at the same university in Graz. He was introduced to Alwin by Phil and shortly after he joined AeonNihilation on the keys. He’s been doing background and live vocals for the band since 2016. He's also studying English and Linguistics at the University of Graz.

Death Metal from Austria (Salzburg, Graz)